First day of class in Spring 2014

Unfortunately I missed my first day of school because I twisted my ankle the day before school started.

I e-mailed some of my professors to inform them of my injury and they all seemed sympathetic…

…Others did not respond.

I knew there was a reason why I managed my schedule to only have school 3 days out the week opposed to my usual 5. So I only had to play catch up for the first day of class. And how difficult could that be?

That Wednesday morning after much involvement in the “healing process” (involving me icing, elevating, and compressing my ankle while binge watching “Breaking Bad”, I did not know what to expect on my first day of class…(with the exception of embracing one of UMD’s ginormous hills to get from one class to another)

Of course I was late and limping to two classes that were on the big hill. Whose idea was it to schedule two classes back to back that are on opposite sides of the campus?

But aside from this I managed…and ran into some friends (and as we parted I kept thinking “I hope they don’t look back at me and see my awkward limp”.

I don’t know what this semester has in store for me but I hope for nothing but success.

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